Who has never experienced the situation when it is engaged in a business in their first days of work needs to perform registration in several systems, each with a different username and password , or when there is any change of job description needs change in profile access .

This scenario is very common in small and medium enterprises, and occurs due to exist several computer systems that support the companies business, but there is no integration between these systems generate various problems such as complexity of managing identities and access permission, no audit of accesses and effective user permissions and a high level of user support with login and password recovery.

In this scope the SafeID is the solution to eliminate these problems once centralizes and automates the entire lifecycle of identity and privileges (creating , modifying, and deleting).

With that IT staff keeps the focus on the company’s business increases efficiency and reduces costs and increases the security level of the company.

Besides facilitating the user’s life since he has the SSO , or single login and password for all systems .

The SafeID was designed to :

  • be integrated with any system
  • easy installation , maintenance and use
  • Installable SaaS ( cloud service ) and On- Premises ( within the customer’s environment)
  • and low cost

See more information on usage examples ans in our FAQ